Return To Writing

The Covid-19 pandemic has rocked most Australians this week. Last week social media was flooded with jokes about panic-buying of toilet paper. This week the implementation of stage 2 restrictions combined with the rapidly  increasing number of confirmed cases, has many of us scared. 

This week 2 of my family members have tested positive to Covid-19 in NSW, a  close friend has lost his job and the kids’ schools and university have closed. Steve had an elderly patient who wasn’t allowed to visit his dying wife while he waited for the results of his Covid-19 test. The compassionate lab staff pushed his test through overnight and a negative result means he is back by her side (thankfully he made it in time).

As this pandemic ‘gets real’ for me, I realise I am experiencing lots of the same emotions I did after my stroke; fear, confusion, insecurity and uncertainty. I’m sure many of you are feeling the same.

I’ve decided to harness this nervous energy and get back to telling my stroke journey story. I want to get through my hospital stay so that I can start writing about what I believe is the important stuff – living in our community as a person with a disability.



4 thoughts on “Return To Writing

  1. Hey Steph,

    I’m sorry to hear about your family members being unwell. Please pass on my love and wishes for a healthy and speedy recovery.

    I think writing is the most cathartic tool (for me anyway). Although I haven’t written for a long time, I look forward to reading yours.

    Life is quiet here. Love Katische x

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