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My Family - Pre- stroke

My Family – Pre- stroke


Intensive Care










As a 36 year old, happily married, Mum of 4, I thought my life was pretty perfect and I was invincible. A family bike ride one Tuesday afternoon 18 months ago, would change my life, and those of my family, forever.

A flip over the handlebars resulted in me breaking a blood vessel in my neck. As this vessel clotted, I suffered a massive brainstem stroke.

2 days later I was left with Locked-in-Syndrome – a condition where I was totally aware of my surroundings but only able to blink my eyes. My prognosis was poor, ranging from death to life in a nursing home able to move only my eyelids.

I have not made a complete recovery yet my level of recovery is somewhat miraculous.

My Family - Post-stroke

My Family – Post-stroke

I am not a writer. I am a young woman whose life has taken an unexpected turn. This is the story of my 6 month hospitalization, my transition to home,  and my journey to accepting and embracing life with a disability.

18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. :). Well done, this will be an inspirational real life experience that can help many people in ways that you will not expect. Very brave to go back over what you have been through to share with everyone. Thank you xxx

  2. Not beaten by a long shot! Congratulations on your new career as a budding writer – may it lead you in an exciting new direction! X Sam

  3. I look forward to reading about this journey through your own words. No doubt you will continue being an inspiration to us all, and hopefully through this medium your reach may include others who will benefit from the first-hand account of your life’s “unexpected turn”. xx

  4. Woohoo – so wonderful to see you starting this my friend. Love your title – you are an inspiration indeed. Looking forward to reading more. Love you lots x

  5. Dear Stefanie, I ran into your blog by coincidence (or maybe not, since I don’t believe there are coincidences…) and just had to respond! Quite frankly I was looking for a name for my own blog I want to create ever since I started writing my life-story which I titled “beaten – not broken”. I guess I am not very original when it comes down to creating titles. Although my story is completely different from yours, I do have a good friend who has suffered a stroke as well at a very young age. I will definitely forward her the link to your blog which I find impressive and shows that with piles of strength we can get very far. I used to tell her (and I will tell you now): “whatever isn’t ok, will be ok!” a mantra we can all repeat to ourselves on a daily basis even in less difficult situations. I wish you a continuous recovery, step by step and have no doubt you will get extremely far! I hope I can write a blog like yours (might have to adjust the title), radiating hope and strength for all those going through tough times, you sure gave an extra drive to do so, thank you for that and please keep on writing.

  6. Always a great read Steph. Sure puts my life into perspective. Keep on keeping on. You’re an inspiration to many xx

  7. Thank you Stephanie. I’m following your blog and an
    Inspired. I find myself smiling at your resilience and pro active approach. Yay, you go girl!!

  8. Congratulations on your recovery! I am writing a novel about a young woman who faces and overcomes many heart-rendering challenges. I was going to name it Broken But Not Beaten. However, after hearing your real life story, I will find another title. Mine pales in comparison. You go girl!

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